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All children deserve the hope of a happy story. We bring the magic of storybooks and safe inspiring havens to orphans and children of trauma where their sense of possibility, hope and imagination can come to life. bookwallah helps to heal, empower and transform these children so they too can believe and rebuild their lives.

Fundraise for Imagination

Fundraise for Imagination
Have fun with your friends, family, do something crazy... and fundraise for a smile! 100% of your donation will go towards our programs.

A Child's Dream

A child's Dream
Meet some of the children we serve- Orphans, AIDS, Sex Trafficking, Abuse, Disabled- and the volunteers who are healing and inspiring...

What make us different

What make Bookwallah different
We discovered in our founding year that distributing books does not guarantee the use of them after a fantastic trip to our first project in Mumbai, India.

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"It's really difficult to explain the feeling in words. The kids were really very sweet. Initially, we had hard time connecting with them. Later, we had so much fun! There was a little girl named ... See more


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"Don't instruct them. We need to provide them with directions to Explore." Siddhesh Shirsekar prepping kids to help with new library decor.

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