Smile Filled with Colors


From the journal of Kalyan Dubal- an early memory. “It was a bright hot Sunday morning and the hour hand was on the number 11 on the clock. As I entered the library, I saw kids drawing and volunteers encouraging them to use all the crayons & pencils! Out of the corner of my eye, […]

Kashish Keswani, One Of Our Newest Vo...


When I visited the Bookwallah Pune project for the first time, I regretted not having visited it earlier. It was a pleasant experience. I could see so many people from many different backgrounds and cultures uniting over the weekend to impact the lives of children who need us the most. The good part is that as volunteers, we […]

A Spirited Christmas


When I first heard of the annual Christmas party at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), I was elated! Every December, around the time of Christmas, the NCPA at Mumbai hosts a special Christmas party for children from underprivileged backgrounds and who came under the programmes of various NGOs. In the three weeks […]

Disney visits Mankhurd, Mumbai


Christmas is a festival that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and is accompanied by spectacular celebrations. Sometimes though, we fail to realise that pleasure need not always be associated with extravaganzas. Rather it is an experience that can also be gained by spending time with the deprived sections of the society and through Bookwallah […]

Making New Stories

During every weekend that we spend with our kids, we often read to them fairy tales, adventurous anecdotes, thrilling stories and a lot more to introduce them to the different facets of life. We always read these out to them from the books stocked in our libraries, and while they never failed to thrill our kids, the need to […]

A Day Outdoors, A Day Well Spent


A recent Sunday morning saw the chirpy kids from our Bangalore project gearing up for their first park visit of the year! Having read so much about having fun in a park, we decided that it was time our children experienced it for themselves. The whole visit was planned around several games and activities, with […]

Turning Over A New Leaf


When I first met ‘‘Rahul’’, I mistook his name to be ‘Santosha’, which means happiness in Kannada. Around the same time last year, ‘Rahul’ was a very different child. He rarely showed any interest in our sessions, mostly preferring to sleep or sulk instead. ‘Rahul’ simply refused to take part in any activities, or even […]

Roald Dahl Inspires Cubism

Roald Dahl Inspires Cubism

Lessons Learnt Differently: A Workshop on Cubism Roald Dahl is popular for the quirky characters that are unique to his books – from Willy Wonka to Matilda and Mr. Fox. In his books, having big ears, or funny hair, or no toes isn’t absurd at all. We thought to bring this magic to our Mumbai […]



As we were sorting the books and reorganizing the library, one of the girls, “Priya” who lives in the children’s home, came upstairs. There were no sessions that day and she could have taken her afternoon nap like the other girls were doing. But, she chose to stay here in the library with us. I […]

What Happens When Kids Get Together t...

GEMS World Academy- Kids at Warehouse

Watch what participating in Bookwallah meant for the kids of Gems World Academy in Chicago. Change agents in global philanthropy in an increasingly globally connected world!