Let the ideas flow.

OK team, it’s finally time to pencils to paper. In our February session, we started by designing the layout of the library and discussing different decor themes to bring it to life. One group decided where everything would go–the bookshelves, the carpet, the couches, the mural, and other such things.  Another, came up with some very creative ideas for the signature […]

Plan Your Dreams, And They Will Come ...

Plan Your Dreams, And They Will Come True.

With the fundraising almost complete and the location identified, we kicked-off the planning for the library. We have just over six months to design and build the library.  Even though we can’t really paint the walls and hammer the bookshelves in the library in Pune, there is a lot we can do from Chicago.  Starting in February, […]

Say “Hello” to Our Librar...

Say "Hello!" to the children!

Meet our Library and the children who will be using it. The Library of Dreams will be built in an orphanage called Ekalavya, in Pune.  Pune has a lot of universities and is considered the cultural and learning capital of India.  It is only 2 and half hours from Mumbai (or Bombay), which means we can even go […]

A Fundraiser for Dreams


We are a group of kids in Chicago who have been partnering with Bookwallah to bring the hope of a happy story to kids facing hardship in India. Last year, we collaborated with Bookwallah children to create a collection of short stories called Imaginary Worlds.  We wrote the stories, and the children in India illustrated them.  This […]